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From eye-catching social media graphics for all your online channels to attention grabbing flyers promoting your latest product launch – maintaining a consistent brand both online and offline helps to establish new customer relationships, build awareness of your brand and increase customer loyalty. 

Our ten-plus years graphic design experience in both digital and print means we can provide a wide range of ‘traditional’ print-based marketing materials such as business cards, product labels and flyers as well as digital graphic design.


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Graphic Design FAQs

From logos and billboards to road signs and tube maps – our surroundings are saturated with some of the very best examples of Graphic Design. Put simply, Graphic Design is the art of visual communication through the use of text, images and graphics – it is a visual representation of your business. Great graphic design should encapsulate the message, sentiment and tone of your business in a way that meaningfully resonates with your customers, clients and suppliers.

Graphic Design is a skill that requires years of experience to master. Professional graphic designers have an innate understanding of how colour, font, text and image work together to motivate customers and ensure your brand stands out from the competition. This is vital as first impressions are everything, so you need to be sure that your brand not only looks professional and consistent across all media, but original too.

Hiring a professional graphic designer will save you both time and money in the long term too, as they will ensure that all your designs are built in the correct software and in the correct formats.

Graphic Designers create visual concepts that inform, educate, motivate, and inspire – they are, in essence, visual storytellers. Some graphic designers are illustrative, some specialise in image based work and some typographical work. Almost all graphic designers today use digital software such as Indesign, photoshop and illustrator to create their work. Graphic designers can work in-house as part of a larger design and marketing team; they may work as part of an agency and be contracted out to individual jobs, or they may – like us – work as freelancers.

Graphic Designers create anything and everything to do with your brand and visual identity, such as logos, business cards, leaflets, flyers, posters or marketing materials. They also work on brochures, magazines and newspapers designing layouts, choosing fonts, selecting images and developing colour palettes.

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